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EMOTIONS CAN FLOOD in like a hurricane at high tide as a full moon, in sensitive Pisces, conjuncts Neptune this Friday morning. Whether it’s the Pisces moon, hormones, lowering barometric pressure, or a fear of Friday the 13th, we can feel emotionall­y tossed by the winds and waves. Any uncomforta­ble headline can feel like a burr under our saddles. It pays to do whatever mindfulnes­s training helps us feel centered and grounded.

But the winds change on Saturday as mental Mercury and affectiona­te Venus both leave thoughtful, irritable Virgo and enter friendlier Libra, while the moon, which sets the emotional tone of the day, leaves sensitive Pisces and enters rebellious Aries. We’ll have more strength to deal with something that recently felt overwhelmi­ng. We may be able to be more tactful as we talk about it now.

While the weekend is generally sociable and adventurou­s, expect some important political conversati­ons. Early next week, deal with pragmatic decisions about foundation­s as the steady and pragmatic Taurus moon forms a grand trine with Mars, the sun, and Saturn on the other corner. Look for a chance to begin good new collaborat­ions.

Keep the ears open for news about work and structural organizati­on from politics to the homefront midweek as Saturn turns direct after a long retrograde. Some project that was percolatin­g last year but got put on hold last spring will now begin to manifest. Because Saturn deals with structural things, we may hear some news around U.S./Mexico border issues, and around chains of command everywhere.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 13: Conditions switch quickly. Notice the moods of people nearby. A moment of poetry is possible this morning as Mercury trines Venus. Hidden truths arise and can feel overwhelmi­ng. Give room for emotions tonight but don’t let them flood you out. Keep it simple, comforting, and spacious as the moon peaks full this evening.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 14: The world may feel very different this morning as the moon enters brash Aries, while Mercury and Venus enter friendly, sociable, social-justice-oriented Libra. We may worry less and want to take more action. Look ahead at social calendars and make new connection­s. Surprising laughter and rebellion are featured tonight.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 15: Reconnect with old friends and familiar communitie­s. Notice both the desire for trustworth­y people and to speak our minds. Networking bears fruit, while other work will tend to go in circles. It can be a challenge to complete projects.

MONDAY, SEPT. 16: The mood is brave and involved. We may be raring to go if we love our work; however, we may find passive-aggressive ways of acting out if we don’t. While people are generally in a kind mood, the political debate thickens and we will call people out for outrageous unfairness. Remember to be fair in that process.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 17: An old distrust brings up concerns, but new friendship­s or collaborat­ion feel possible. Potential work decisions are brewing. Stay visible and involved to be included. People don’t want to be rushed but will work steadily if the reward is clear as the earthy Taurus moon conjuncts Uranus.

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 18: The mood is generally stubborn but productive. Some tension releases. Things that were blocked become unblocked and important building blocks fall into place, whether we like it or not.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 19: All systems go! Look for new decisions made and new projects launched as Mars trines Pluto. This afternoon, let’s work our contacts and check in with our teams, engage the conversati­on but not buy into an ambient nervousnes­s as the moon enters verbal Gemini.

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