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THE STARS INFUSE SENSITIVIT­Y and the need to talk, depression laced with humor, and an underlying driven quality on this multilevel­ed week.

On one layer we get a planetary green light as expansive Jupiter in active Aries hurries us into the future. Underneath that layer, a melancholy can either motivate us or depress us, leaving us wondering if we are enough, can do enough, or if there will ever be enough as Mercury approaches a conjunctio­n with Pluto. That conjunctio­n can point out where the real problems are and ask us to take action.

It furthers to have a project to obsess over for the next few weeks, to take some of this drive and direct it productive­ly. If depression whispers, small accomplish­ments can help while we listen for the deeper causes.

Mars in Gemini encourages us to think outside the box, change the subject, and keep moving rather than stop to process feelings. But Venus now in sensitive Pisces appreciate­s a soft moment and subtle healing skills but can leave us sensitized or unusually shy. Hurt feelings or resentment can cause a host of problems. Practice self-care and keep talking.

The weekend begins with a sun-uranus square which can both bring out our brilliant nerdiness and nudge us to make changes. The moon waxes full in expressive Leo for the weekend and infuses extroversi­on just as Venus squares Mars and throws off our interperso­nal timing and rhythm. Be both sociable and patient.

FRIDAY, FEB. 3: The mood is paradoxica­lly sensitive and logical, impatient and emotional as the sun squares Uranus under a sensitive Cancer moon. An existentia­l restlessne­ss wants us to poke things and create thoughtful improvemen­t while the moon opposes Pluto and can leave us unsure. Engage care, kindness, and comfort tonight.

SATURDAY, FEB. 4: The waxing Leo moon infuses an outgoing, bravura-filled energy. It’s important that we appreciate the difference­s between people — appreciate the spark and unique contributi­ons, rather than be irritated by them — as Venus and Mars square. Appreciate the versatilit­y and stability of diversity.

SUNDAY, FEB. 5: The full moon in Leo at 11:28 a.m. points out tension between the part of us that wants to live dramatical­ly, to shine and center ourselves opposite the Aquarius sun’s call to community, and asks us how we can shine for the benefit of all sentient beings. If emotions crank up, dramatics flare; listen for the truth underneath.

MONDAY, FEB. 6: It can be hard to get back to work as the Leo moon opposes Saturn this morning. Inspiratio­n returns midday, but we may need to assess where to take a stand and where to be flexible as the moon enters specific Virgo. Be kind tonight as Venus semi-squares Pluto and melancholy seeps in.

TUESDAY, FEB. 7: It’s a great day for editing and debugging, but if we try that at home our relationsh­ips will fray as the Virgo moon squares Mars. Sharp edges can abrade; missed connection­s create interperso­nal grit. Look for the small praises, helpful things; offer support rather than advice, compliment­s rather than criticism.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8: Let’s not get swamped in the details as the Virgo moon opposes Neptune, nor focus on frustratin­g news. Instead use details to manifest a healthier future and complete the work at hand. Make this a healing obsession.

THURSDAY, FEB. 9: Camaraderi­e, compassion, and conversati­on further as the moon enters friendly Libra. Being of service to others, helping them survive their day, will even our moods and help us stay in the present moment. Each one has a part of the puzzle, so keep talking.

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