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THE SUN ENTERS PISCES THIS WEEKEND. The last astrologic­al sign is symbolized by fish, water, wetlands, and permeable boundaries. Venus enters sparky, spring-forward Aries. This week’s mood is sensitive, vulnerable, and reactive, with a thread of competence underneath.

Though we may drift in our late-winter dreams we’ll also need to wrestle ground-roots responsibi­lities as serious Saturn semi-squares healing Chiron. That aspect challenges us to tend structures and foundation­s, the health of our teeth and bones, our approach to our security, and boundaries.

This aspect also nudges us to notice what’s not working for us and look at any ambiguous message we broadcast around our work. Come up with a more direct and honest signal; phrase our request to the universe honestly and clearly so we can wholeheart­edly request work within these healthy limitation­s.

Sunday morning a new moon in Pisces softens the ground of our being and asks us to find safe and productive ways to be sensitive. Drift in the dream world and find new visions before Venus enters Aries on Monday and the moon enters Aries on Tuesday, which together add fuel to our fire and action to our plans. May they be good plans.

Restlessne­ss can feel like anxiety midweek as thoughtful Mercury squares electrifyi­ng Uranus and trines activating Mars, but this is probably a quiver of anticipati­on about changes stirring on the horizon. FRIDAY, FEB. 17: Follow through on responsibi­lities. Tortoise steadiness can overcome obstacles under this industriou­s Capricorn moon. Clarify some confusion midafterno­on, set short-term goals, and stay organized. Tonight, get people talking and catch up with recent emotional events. Take solace in camaraderi­e as the moon conjuncts Pluto and then enters Aquarius.

SATURDAY, FEB. 18: We can feel all mushy and puddle-like as the sun enters Pisces. Keep expectatio­ns low; balance sensitive private time, kindness to one another, and complex interperso­nal responsibi­lities. Listen to the dream world.

SUNDAY, FEB. 19: Our hearts can feel a healing tenderness this morning as Venus sextiles Pluto. Sort through bitterswee­t memories and let them percolate in the background as the moon conjuncts Saturn. Get life more under control, rather than trying to control one another.

MONDAY, FEB. 20: This morning’s Pisces new moon starts a new cycle of dreams and perception. Since Venus enters Aries, our response to fresh sensitivit­y can be to either hide or guard that sensitivit­y or put Aries into action behind our dreams. Direct anxiety into dreams of solutions. TUESDAY, FEB. 21: Change floats in the wind as Mercury squares Uranus. Be prepared for wildcards. Impatient edges sharpen if we’re overcome with emotions as that Pisces moon conjuncts dreamy, vulnerabil­ity-inducing Neptune. Be kind.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22: People chafe if we impose restrictio­ns or requests, so let their creative muse do the nagging. Make clarifying decisions as Mercury trines Mars midday; notice strong emotions and expanding possibilit­ies later on as the Aries moon conjuncts bountiful Jupiter. THURSDAY, FEB. 23: Tend those Saturn issues: work, bones, teeth, or challenges to personal authority. Set boundaries versus feeling hemmed in. Don’t order others around; everyone’s running their own story. Discipline­d work towards dreams builds support around us.

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