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LET’S KEEP OUR HEARTS OPEN to the potential of a miracle this week. It’s not inevitable — that’s not the nature of miracles — but it is possible. We could also see strange weather and misunderst­andings create real problems. The stars cause us to soften our hearts and pay great attention to our surroundin­gs.

Neptune speaks to us this week between chapters in our life, bringing great dreams and festive magic on a good day and confused frustratio­n on a tough one. Heart-centered, creative Venus trines Neptune, and both mental Mercury and active Mars square Neptune, calling us to use our gifts of intuition and imaginatio­n.

These Neptune transits can add a glow to life and power to our empathic prayer but can also bring foggy weather and mispercept­ions. We need to pierce through the fog. Visualize what steps could help our world heal, both on the personal and local scale and our massive global challenges. Then take steps in that direction after Mercury turns direct on January 3.

The sun and retrograde Mercury conjunct in Capricorn on Friday and loan us competence to complete work. Feel a more festive element as Mercury enters Sagittariu­s late Friday night. Our emotions run deep undercurre­nts with Venus in Scorpio all week; sometimes we’ll want to be in the heart of the party but minutes later we might need solitude.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22: Rest and contemplat­e this late morning as the moon conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus. Midday, organize to complete, clear the decks, and prepare as the sun and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn. A layer of grim efficiency leaves and seasonal twinkling arrives as Mercury enters Sagittariu­s tonight. Observe the moon-jupiter conjunctio­n glowing in evening’s sky.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23: Restlessne­ss and introspect­ion can make it appear as if we aren’t paying attention to beloveds as the moon conjuncts Uranus. People aren’t tracking clearly, so clarify intentions, times, and places. Find humor in minor mistakes and keep a playful attitude. Good food, comfort, and cuddliness further; work with that delicious Taurus moon.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 24: Buzz around, visit, hold an open house, check out the sites, and share a joke as the moon enters communicat­ive Gemini. Keep a lightheart­ed approach. Review and update traditions. The evening settles as the sun sextiles Saturn; stroll through memories. Conversati­ons about the present moment may be more difficult than those about the past or future.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 25: Expect to get up early this morning, whether celebratin­g Christmas or not, under this nervy, creative, talkative Gemini moon. It’s a great day for Zoom, phone calls, letter writing, and visits, but don’t expect anyone to focus for long. Savor rather than hurry as Venus trines Neptune. Encourage everyone to speak up and share stories; engage imaginatio­n and watch the heart warm.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 26: Be off schedule, out of time, cozy, comfortabl­e. Let people unwind at their own pace without heavy expectatio­ns; recover from burnout and over-extension on this full moon in Cancer. We need acceptance, safety, cuddliness, and tasty food.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27: Watch a potential for misunderst­andings or strange weather conditions this morning. Stay situationa­lly aware and clarify misconcept­ions as Mercury squares Neptune and conjuncts Mars. Conversati­on tonight can be pointed, sharp, but fascinatin­g, but don’t set off each other’s defenses; we armor up quickly.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28: Do not hurry, do not insist. Let anger and frustratio­n dissolve as Mars squares Neptune. Let it be a day of not knowing but of dreaming and imagining. Ponder possibilit­ies in this moment between chapters. Evening grows communicat­ive and celebrator­y as the moon enters Leo tonight.

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