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seem­ingly peace­ful day is thrown into chaos as a siren wails and tells of an at­tack by the op­pos­ing fac­tion on your colony. You look out into space to see a new model en­emy mo­bile suit has blown through the colony de­fenses and is reach­ing to un­lock the air­lock hatch and gain ac­cess to the colony it­self. Just be­fore the suit can en­gage the lock, there is a blur of red, leav­ing the en­emy mo­bile suit’s arm cut clean off and drift­ing off into space. You look out to see that your sav­ior is the Gundam Astray Red Frame… Ford Fo­cus?

Jump­ing to a dif­fer­ent time­line, it’s 2015 and Rally In­no­va­tions has been chal­lenged with build­ing a Ford Fo­cus for SEMA. They need some­thing that will not only grab at­ten­tion, but test them­selves from a build­ing and de­sign stand­point. Thank­fully, Rally In­no­va­tions co-owner John Peñano’s son had a sug­ges­tion. “My nine-year-old son, Jet, ac­tu­ally said that he thought it would be re­ally cool if we built some­thing like [a Gundam].” Peñano says. “For­tu­nately, too, the team mem­bers who sup­ported and worked on the car were fans of Gundam and the anime as well.”

Peñano him­self wasn’t a fan, or too fa­mil­iar with the Gundam se­ries, but he was about to get a crash course. Rally In­no­va­tions’ first move was to de­cide on which mo­bile suit from the se­ries they’d fo­cus their artis­tic vi­sion on. With a sto­ried his­tory of over 37 years, that’s no easy task. The so­lu­tion, how­ever, came much eas­ier than they an­tic­i­pated.

Ini­tially, the team set­tled on the “Strike Noir” Gundam, which fea­tures blacks and grays with small red and yel­low ac­cents. When this was pitched to Ford though, they thought it was a lit­tle too dark and men­ac­ing, so it was back to the draw­ing board. While mock­ing up the phase two ren­der­ing, it was dis­cov­ered that white was the best base color to work with since it was the eas­i­est to see the car’s body­lines on. Af­ter try­ing out a few dif­fer­ent ac­cent­ing colors, red was de­cided on, as the team thought it lent to the sim­plic­ity of the white. A Gundam that’s white and red? There’s only one real choice there: the Astray Red Frame!

The MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame was one of five pro­to­type mo­bile suits that were be­ing de­vel­oped in se­cret and then mys­te­ri­ously cov­ered up in the se­ries. The unit was dis­cov­ered by its pi­lot, Lowe Guele, who’s a tech­ni­cian from an or­ga­ni­za­tion called the Junk Guild, which is pretty much the equiv­a­lent of a me­chanic stum­bling upon a su­per­car in a garbage pile. The Red Frame was de­signed with lighter ma­te­ri­als and min­i­mal ar­mor to be faster than other Gun­dams.

Rally In­no­va­tions’ Red Frame cer­tainly wasn’t dis­cov­ered in a junk heap or de­signed for war­fare, but their Fo­cus was de­vel­oped in se­cret to be out­stand­ing. To make

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