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cover to pro­tect every­thing from the weather and stuff like that. The Ram is much eas­ier when it comes to pre­par­ing it for shows.”

The lit­eral boat­load of au­dio gear the Ram has to haul around is just the pre­cur­sor to the party. On top of the mas­sive box in the bed is a 60-inch Vizio LED TV, which can lower and raise in and out of the box. Orion's team usu­ally plays mu­sic videos to com­ple­ment the beats the truck is pump­ing out, but they've of­ten tossed on the game and had a killer tail­gate. Also, in the rear door on the driver's side is a Pi­o­neer DJ con­sole. The con­sole can be used to just plug in a playlist, or have an ac­tual DJ setup and mix on the spot.

When both the con­sole and TV are used to­gether, how­ever, that's when the party re­ally kicks it into high-gear. That's right: karaoke! Those who are drunk enough to think they can sing are able to hook up some mi­cro­phones and go to town, while fol­low­ing along with the lyrics on the 60-inch screen. We weren't ly­ing when we said this Ram is a mo­bile party.

For Ce­deno, what re­ally mat­ters is how peo­ple have en­joyed them­selves when they're around the truck. He loves hear­ing peo­ple's re­ac­tions to the thump­ing fun fac­tory.

“The feed­back from peo­ple is that it sounds like a re­ally good con­cert,” Ce­deno says. “Once you play it loud, the re­ac­tion from peo­ple is un­be­liev­able. No one has come up with a con­cept like this be­fore.”

It def­i­nitely is a one-of-a-kind con­cept. Have you ever heard of a Dodge Ram that car­ries a 4,000plus pound party on its back that puts out 33,000 watts of clean, loud power? Well, once you have heard it, it's not some­thing you're go­ing to for­get – no mat­ter how much you've had to drink.

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