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For those of you who are sim­ply look­ing for the most boom for the buck, MTX has built the S65 square series of sub­woofers. Be­cause a square shape has a greater sur­face area than a round shape in the same foot­print, the S65 series of woofers move more air, and we all know what that trans­lates into. De­signed for bass en­thu­si­asts ev­ery­where, the S6512-44 is a dual four-ohm voice coil twelveinch woofer and has a re­tail price of $349.95 here in the U.S. Xmax.Xmax For the pro­pel­ler heads out there, here is a very brief de­scrip­tion of the patent:

“This in­ven­tion pro­vides a square speaker with a square sur­round with a rounded cor­ner hav­ing an ar­cu­ate por­tion hav­ing a ra­di­ally in­ner por­tion hav­ing an ar­cu­ate trans­verse cross-sec­tion, a ra­di­ally outer por­tion hav­ing an ar­cu­ate trans­verse cross-sec­tion, an apex defin­ing a bound­ary there be­tween, and cir­cum­fer­en­tial un­du­la­tions only on the outer por­tion.” (ar­cu­ate means “curved”)

So we have a woofer that has a larger than nor­mal cone area, and more Xmax, but they didn't stop there. All that cone area and ex­cur­sion is use­less if the woofer won't han­dle power, so MTX also builds the S65s with a spe­cial spi­der vent­ing plateau that forces cool air over the voice coil. To fur­ther en­hance the woofers ther­mal abil­ity, a ra­di­ally ribbed T-yoke also aids in heat dis­si­pa­tion, and can also lower dis­tor­tion.

With great ex­cur­sion comes the need for great sus­pen­sion, and to that end the S6512 is equipped with a pro­gres­sive type spi­der that not only al­lows for lots of travel but it also low­ers dis­tor­tion at high power lev­els, keep­ing your bass clean and pure.

The patented sur­round is made from San­to­prene, which can be eas­ily molded to spe­cific shapes. A com­bi­na­tion of stitch­ing and ad­he­sive solidly con­nects it to the cone ma­te­rial.

The woofer's square polypropy­lene cone is vac­uum formed into a par­a­bolic shape, and it's driven by a pair of two-inch cop­per voice coils, wound on a black an­odized alu­minum for­mer. Elec­tri­cal power is de­liv­ered to the voice coils through flat tin­sel leads that are in­te­grated into the spi­der. Con­nec­tions to the am­pli­fier are chrome plated and spring-loaded ter­mi­nals that will ac­cept up to 10-gauge wire. Mag­netic en­ergy comes from an 88 ounce ce­ramic mag­net, cov­ered with a nice rub­ber boot. Thanks to the non-vented pole piece, the woofer can be mounted in shal­lower en­clo­sures as well.

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