On a dark and stormy night, as light­ning crack­led through the sky, we flipped the switch on an is­sue that was com­prised of the best Franken­steined­to­gether cars we could find. As our light­ning rod took a di­rect hit, the print­ers started whirring and spit out our finest cre­ation: The Franken­stein is­sue – just in time for Hal­loween!

When we say this is­sue is made up of the good stuff, we mean it. We've been scout­ing builds for months to find the best com­po­nents, and we think we've achieved our goal – I mean, have you seen that cover? Sit­ting pretty on the front is Austin Bar­nett's wide WRX, but some­thing is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. I think it might have some­thing to do with the red RB26 and turbo ex­haust pipes stick­ing out of the hood-less bay. We asked Bar­nett about how this all came about and how he got the job done, so take a peek at his fea­ture fur­ther in to learn more.

Also check­ing all of the right boxes in terms of “you put what where?” are our other two fea­ture ve­hi­cles. One is Phil Blot­tie's twisted Dat­sun 510. Run­ning the rat rod look on freshly re­built BBS RS wheels is quite the con­trast, but once you fig­ure out that the noises com­ing from this thing are from a 13B ro­tary, you'll start look­ing even closer to see what else he's swapped around (hint: it's a lot). The other is an R34 sedan out of New Zealand, cour­tesy of Peter Kelly's scout­ing skills. Im­me­di­ately, you'll no­tice that the wheels are from an R35 GT-R, but when you take a look in­side, the up­hol­stery is Mit­subishi, and the pow­er­plant is Toy­ota. This is a fan­tas­ti­cally unique build that needs to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb to know ev­ery sin­gle de­tail. We've done that for you, so you just need to flip some pages.

As al­ways, we de­liver the new prod­ucts you look for in ev­ery is­sue, as well as some hot top­ics from around the in­dus­try. Our free­lance army of show con­trib­u­tors has wran­gled in some qual­ity show cov­er­age as well, this time with SPOCOM Ana­heim and Im­port­fest 2017, and there's also tested au­dio good­ies, plus even more bonus con­tent in­side, so I won't take up any more of your time. Thanks for pick­ing us up. Now, go do some­thing “mad-sci­ence-y!”

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