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All that power can't sim­ply spin through the crank with­out some­where to go. First stop, a com­pe­ti­tion clutch and fly­wheel pack­age by McLeod, an­other of Yoshi­hara's long term part­ners in suc­cess. From there, a GSR four-speed dog­box trans­mis­sion takes over, pass­ing the ball back through a Driv­e­lines drive­shaft to the Win­ters Per­for­mance dif­fer­en­tial. Yoshi­hara se­lected a 10-inch spool-type quick change rear end with the BRZ, rather than a lim­it­ed­slip, to get a con­sis­tent lock and power ap­pli­ca­tion with each run. It's part of the char­ac­ter of ev­ery drift build that can only be re­fined by the driver's style and how he feels com­fort­able to per­form on the world's big­gest side­ways stage. Drive­shaft Shop cus­tom axles send the juice to the rear corners, pro­pel­ling the blue and black rocket across the asphalt, beg­ging to be pushed harder and harder, like a true glut­ton for pun­ish­ment.

Brakes are an­other piece of the puz­zle that each driver has a strong opin­ion on. A pull of the hand­brake or a tap of the mid­dle pedal can help keep the car twisted, and Yoshi­hara knew ex­actly what hard­ware he wanted be­hind each. Large Jamar Per­for­mance six-pis­ton front and four-pis­ton rear calipers latch onto Wil­wood ro­tors and brake pads. Out back, a sec­ond set of four-pis­ton calipers are ded­i­cated to hand­brake du­ties, sep­a­rat­ing the ac­tion to al­low for con­trolled in­put of each. Nes­tled above the brake sys­tem is a set of KW three-way ad­justable com­pe­ti­tion coilovers with re­mote reser­voirs. The shock/spring body even fea­tures its own dust cover, im­prov­ing re­li­a­bil­ity when tons of tire car­cass are fly­ing past. A set of Progress front and rear sway bars fur­ther al­low Yoshi­hara to dial in the right amount of stiff­ness, key to hit­ting a 30-de­gree bank or fig­ure-eight-style tran­si­tion. Each mod­i­fi­ca­tion works in tan­dem an­dem with the rest, adding up p to the mean­est BRZ in For­mula Drift com­pe­ti­tion.

Yoshi­hara's on-track k per­for­mance alone would be enough to merit rit pages upon pages of praise raise and dis­sec­tion, yet his off-track spirit should not be lost on fans ei­ther. Since the events of the 2011 To­hoku earth­quake and tsunami in North­east­ern Ja­pan, Yoshi­hara has taken a phil­an­thropic ap­proach to his pub­lic sta­tus, set­ting up his own ccha­r­ity called Re­lief For JJa­pan. To date he has rairaised over $80,000, w with pro­ceeds go­ing dire rectly to the Ja­panese R Red Cross So­ci­ety. Visit RF RFJP.org to find out mor­more or do­nate, or catch Yoshi­haraYoshih at a For­mula D event and show some love in per­son. His BRZ will be there, ready to show the in­ter­na­tional field of com­peti­tors what real smoke trails look like, Ja­panese-style.

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