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Aud­i­son's Prima ac­tive sub­woofers fea­ture a built-in D-Class am­pli­fier with HE-LI (High Ef­fi­ciency Low Im­ped­ance) tech­nol­ogy, to pro­duce more SPL from their cus­tom-de­signed low-im­ped­ance driv­ers. The low-pro­file sealed box de­sign has been op­ti­mized for the cus­tom driver, which re­quires ex­tremely com­pact di­men­sions to per­form at its peak, pro­duc­ing solid bass from an en­clo­sure that is only 5.7 inches (144 mm) deep. HRC AP re­mote sub-level con­trol is in­cluded.

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