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Clean As Can Be

No­body likes to fuel up, and I mean no­body. It’s an ex­pen­sive, messy propo­si­tion that is a nec­es­sary has­sle for all boaters (sorry, you too, sailors). On a very good day, you might pull right up to the fuel dock, pump your gal­lons of diesel, swipe your credit card, and be on your merry way. On a bad day, well, let’s just not go there.

So, lit­er­ally any en­hance­ment to the fuel-fill­ing process is a wel­come one, es­pe­cially if it also helps the en­vi­ron­ment—okay, helps not-hurt the en­vi­ron­ment. En­ter the Clean Way Fuel Fill, a patented and rel­a­tively in­ex­pen­sive gizmo that al­lows for easy, spill-free tank fills mi­nus the usual as­sort­ment of rags, di­a­pers, or what­ever ab­sorbent ma­te­ri­als you use to con­trol stray fuel. With Clean Way, sim­ply place the chem­i­cal-re­sis­tant (the mak­ers won’t call it plas­tic) de­vice into your deck fuel fill, in­sert the fuel noz­zle, and squeeze. The Clean Way filler in­cludes a baf­fle that al­lows fuel to travel up, in case of an over­flow, but not out—keeping the wa­ter, your clothes, and your beau­ti­ful teak decks fuel free.

In case you’re won­der­ing, the filler does come in both 10and 12-inch mod­els, so when you want to ap­ply your en­viro-con­sci­en­tious­ness to your jet ski, you can do that, too. Clean Way also comes with a num­ber of adapters that will work with nearly ev­ery imag­in­able ap­pli­ca­tion.

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