What’s your fa­vorite part of boat­ing.

Passage Maker - - Post Script -

• For many it’s sim'ly the relaxation. It is sit­ting in the cock'it at dock­side or some se­cluded la­goon and watch­ing the sun go down. It could also be a sun­rise fol­low­ing long and rest­ful slee' with the sound of wa-es sla''ing the hull inches from you and yours as you drift in and out of slum­ber. Maybe it’s the -iew from the 'ilot­house as the miles drift by: what could be bet­ter?

• For oth­ers it is the adren­a­line rush that comes while 'ound­ing through the wa-es. It is the feel­ing that you are in con­trol of your des­tiny. It may take you hun­dreds of miles off shore reach­ing out for some dis­tant dot on a ma'. You may be a true ad-en­turer 'lan­ning to cross-oceans. Maybe you are just ho'ing to do so.

• For many work­ing on a boat is the most re­ward­ing DIY 'ro­ject. Noth­ing is square. Noth­ing is round. Noth­ing matches what you are used to in your home. Still you can­not rely on some 'ro­fes­sional du jour, 'ar­tic­u­larly if you are head­ing off the grid. Learn­ing how to re'air stuff is not just a cost sa-er, but can be a life sa-er.

• Then there is a -ery se­lect grou' of boaters for whom the ex'eri­ence be­gins long be­fore the boat e-en ex­ists. For th­ese folks (maybe you) the real fun starts as you de­fine and imag­ine the boat on 'a'er. To­day it’s then likely scul'ted in 3d as your wish list e-ol-es. But that’s only a 're­lude to the true joy: watch­ing your boat as it comes to life on a builder’s sho' floor. If you are among this -ery, -ery s'ecial grou', the jour­ney doesn’t be­gin when you cast off lines. It be­gins the mo­ment that your s'ark of a dream is born.

But then that’s just my o'in­ion.

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