In­ter­na­tional sci­ence fic­tion/fan­tasy film fes­ti­val on screen Oct. 25 at Mu­seum of Work & Cul­ture


WOONSOCKET – The Mu­seum of Work & Cul­ture will host a Flick­ers’ Vor­tex Sci-Fi, Fan­tasy, & Hor­ror Film Fes­ti­val event on Thurs­day, Oct. 25, at 7 p.m.

The Mu­seum will screen a col­lec­tion of sci-fi and fan­tasy films from around the world, in­clud­ing:

Gad­hedo (Donkey) | Di­rected by Jai Sharma | In­dia | 2018

This film is based on a folk story from Ra­jasthan, In­dia; set in a small vil­lage that is stuck in time. The story un­folds the satir­i­cal jour­ney of GORU (a naive washer man) who be­lieves that MAATSA (the only teacher in the vil­lage) will be able to turn his donkey into a “Man.”

Hunt­ing Sea­son | Di­rected by Shan­non Kohli | Canada | 2018

Cal­lie (Han­nah Le­vien), a small-town gas sta­tion at­ten­dant, has an un­ex­pected en­counter that will change the course of her life for­ever.

Time Trav­eler | Di­rected by Stephen Kenny | Ire­land | 2017

A Back To The Fu­ture-obsessed trav­eller boy strives to fin­ish build­ing his own DeLorean replica be­fore his fam­ily is evicted from its halt­ing site.

Pa­le­o­naut | Di­rected by Eric McEver | Eng­land | 2017

A sci­en­tist study­ing the first hu­man time trav­eller falls in love with her sub­ject. But if her re­search suc­ceeds they will be­come sep­a­rated by eons of his­tory. She must find a way to con­nect with him across the ages or lose him for­ever.

Funeral | Di­rected by Leah Shore | USA | 2018

A bereaved woman de­liv­ers a con­vo­luted speech to a gather­ing of fam­ily and close friends. She then re­treats to a wait­ing room where the sur­real meets the real by a wa­ter cooler in this heavy, fer­tile, mourn­ing com­edy.

Chose Men­tale | Di­rected by Wil­liam Laboury | France

| 2017

Ever since she be­came elec­tro-sen­si­tive, Ema lives iso­lated in her home, cut from the world. Her only link with the out­side is men­tal, through her out-of-body ex­pe­ri­ences. But one day, two boys slid in­side her house, think­ing they were bur­glar­iz­ing an empty house. This meet­ing will throw Ema into her fears and her cer­tain­ties.

Ad­mis­sion is $10, and tick­ets are avail­able on­line at or at the door.

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