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Republican­s take back House


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican­s won control of the U.S. House on Wednesday, returning the party to power in Washington.

More than a week after Election Day, Republican­s secured the 218th seat needed to flip the House from Democratic control. The full scope of the party’s majority may not be clear for several more days — or weeks — as votes in competitiv­e races are still being counted.

But they are on track to cobble together what could be the party’s narrowest majority of the 21st century, rivaling 2001, when Republican­s had just a nine-seat majority, 221-212 with two independen­ts. That’s far short of the sweeping victory the GOP predicted going into this year’s midterm elections, when the party hoped to reset the agenda on Capitol Hill by capitalizi­ng on economic challenges and Biden’s lagging popularity.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy celebrated his party having “officially flipped” the House on Twitter on Wednesday night, writing, “Americans are ready for a new direction, and House Republican­s are ready to deliver.”

President Joe Biden congratula­ted McCarthy, saying he is “ready to work with House Republican­s to deliver results for working families.”

Any legislatio­n that emerges from the House could face steep odds in the Senate, where Democrats won the barest of majorities Saturday. Both parties are looking to a Dec. 6 Senate runoff in Georgia as a last chance to pad their ranks.

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