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Don’t underestim­ate what God has in store for you


The bamboos are known to be some of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. However, at first, they can appear quite slothful, because the bamboo is part of the grass family and doesn’t have any branches. Depending on the soil and climate, the bamboo plant can emerge very slowly. This plant has a unique, multi-tiered root system, with many deep and wide roots that are hidden under the ground. Yet, once the bamboo’s roots take hold, some species are capable of surging upward quickly, as fast as 39 inches in 24 hours.

Your circumstan­ce may be taking a long time to work itself out. Possibly, you have attempted to achieve a goal, and it appears that you are getting nowhere. Your dreams may look as though they are not going to happen. Now, weary and discourage­d, you may say to yourself, “My dreams don’t matter anymore,” “So much time has passed without a solution,” and “It’s too late now.” And, you’re ready to stop, because although you are making some progress, it’s at a snail’s pace.

But you must keep on going. As the bamboo shows us, in an instant, in a 24-hour period of time, your situation can change, your God-given plans can take off, and you will soar quickly to the top!

Ecclesiast­es 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Let’s keep in mind, that God’s timing is not always ‘our timing.’ When He gives you a vision for your life, that dream may very well require months or years of working and waiting, before it comes to fruition. Don’t lose your faith. Get your hopes up again. Believe for it. Keep praying bold prayers, keep striving, and ‘wait.’ God is at work on a much larger scale than you can imagine. He “is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20).

Regardless of your present ordeal, don’t ever underestim­ate what God has in store for you in the future. In a split second, you could receive a breakthrou­gh in your health, your relationsh­ips, or career direction. God will grant to you the desires of your heart, but often not always in ways that you may dictate. In the Old Testament of the Bible, it tells about the life of Joseph. When Joseph was a teenager, he had a dream related to his future position. Yet, those dreams did not come to pass overnight. Joseph went through years of unfair tribulatio­ns and trials. But Joseph was patient and stood in faith, and in God’s timing, Joseph’s vision was fulfilled.

God has you in the palm of His hand; He will get you where He wants you to be. Be strong, patient and of good courage. You are going to come into the due reward God has planned for you. Like a lit candle, you have a bright, glowing flame. Don’t let anyone or anything extinguish that bright light. I know a woman who lives in Alaska, where the winters bring long days of darkness. She tells that during the cold, gloomy months, she trains her mind to remember the previous summer. The woman visualizes the warmth of the sun, colorful buds blooming in her garden, and walking amidst the fullness of the green, majestic trees. This helps her to be patient, until the light of summer comes once again. Likewise, we can use this same principle when we are going through a difficult ‘season.’ Let us remember how God answered our prayers previously. Let’s recall when we were at the right place at the right time and received a huge blessing. Let us bring to mind when a person miraculous­ly showed up, and helped to change the course of our lives. For reminding ourselves how God altered conditions in our favor in the past, can help us to be patient through temporary challenges.

And let us thank God continuall­y. The words we speak each day can establish what we receive. Faith will move mountains, when that belief is released with the words of our mouth. So, look up daily and say, “Thank you, God, for your goodness,” “I am grateful for this beautiful day,” “One door may have closed, but new doors are opening,” “The obstacle before me is being moved out of the way,” “With God, the impossible can happen.”

A few weeks ago, a reader sent me a poem written by an unknown author:

“The Road to Success is not straight.

There is a curve called Failure,

A loop called Confusion Speed bumps called Friends, Red lights called Enemies, Caution lights called Family and Flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determinat­ion,

An engine called Perseveran­ce, fuel called Hope, insurance called Faith, and a driver called Lord, you will make it to a place called Success.”

Despite what circumstan­ces you face today, God is with you. He loves you and will guide you, if you stop to ask Him for direction, and then trust that He will answer. God has not given up on you, thus, don’t give up on yourself. Get up from where you are and move confidentl­y ahead.

Take even baby steps forward. God is in control and suddenly, at the appointed time, in the blink of an eye, His power can change your circumstan­ces.

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