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Holiday traditions continue with Dawn & Wendy

- By Dawn Goff

Anyone who knows me knows I love to decorate. I’m one of those people who starts Christmas decorating in November, usually my outdoor decoration­s during the first week of November. This is the first time in a long time that I’m into the third week of November and my outdoor decoration­s are still not out.

Now, inside is a different story. I have my window lights and most of the room decoration­s are in place in place, my Mickey Mouse tree is in the window. My Christmas village is in place and gifts I brought will be wrapped and placed under the tree. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding a little more here and there. I do have a rule: December 1 is the last date I can add to the decoration­s.

On Veterans Day I joined my fellow Winter Wonderland elves, to start decorating at Slater Park. We started on Veterans Day back when most of us were still working. It was the first day that we all had out of work. Plus, the weather is a little warmer.

We don’t do the big part of the decoration. The Wonderland carpenters and imagineers, along with the city workers will be putting out the display on the Monday after Thanksgivi­ng. Our job is deorating the gazebo and the Newport Ave entrance.

This week the elves finished up laminating the signs that will be handed out on December 1. Opening night is December 3. We start in late February, testing all the lights. It takes almost a year to get everything done. It’s a lot of hard work, but when the lights are turned on opening night and you see the reaction from the crowd, it makes it all worth it.

On Thursday the Leon Mathieu Senior Center held its annual holiday dinner. Blackstone Health, the senior center staff and volunteers handled the set up and service for the dinner which was catered by Encore Catering.

The dinner started with a bowl of wedding soup. The dinner was a full Thanksgivi­ng dinner, turkey, sweet potatoes, cinnamon apples, stuffing, and cranberry source, followed by Apple pie. With Frank Sinatra’s music playing while we ate, it was a very pleasant time.

This week I attended Turkey trots at two of the schools where Wendy and I volunteer. At both Agnes Little and Fallon Memorial the fourth and Fifth graders had been building their stamina during PE classes. Before the trot they were tested to see who would be able to complete the mile run. Both schools got the whole school involved. Those not running line the running path to cheer on the runners. Students made signs, turkey headdress, and cheerleade­r pom poms.

The Fallon students had a short walk to the city’s soccer field. They ran three races with a male and a female winner in each race. The winners each received a turkey. The winners were @78 Johan Rosano, room 429, @59 Santino Ramires, room 451, @76 Arsenius Dennis Artey, room 508, @68 Zaliyah Campbell, room 456, @75 Melleina Akar, room @501 and @69 Shelanie Garriga, room 533.

Agnes Little only had to go to the field right next to the school. They ran one race with their turkey winner, fifth grader Cole McVeigh.

On Sunday Wendy got her annual picture with Santa. She has been going to the Pawtucket Dog Park’s Santa’s pictures since she was a puppy. Both Tink & Wendy never had a problem with sitting on Santa’s lap. Even last year when Tink was just two days out of the hospital we went for our Santa picture. It was a little sad this year to be missing Tink.

The Dog Park committee, as usual, did a great job. Even with a printer problem that would have other people closing down they managed to work it out and keep the line moving. In addition to pictures with Santa there were two other photo spots set up. There were dogs of all sizes and breeds but there was not one problem with the dogs or owners. Well. one German Shepherd didn’t like it when his owner walked away and barked to let her know it.

Have a great week, and if you see us around town be sure to say like so many of our paper did at the photo shoot.

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