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Gifts for people who love the great outdoors


Certain people feel right at home in the great outdoors. With the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair, rock scramblers and kayaking buffs simply can’t get enough of being outside in the elements.

Outdoor enthusiast­s need reliable gear to make their experience­s that much more enjoyable. Brandon Gaille Small Business & Marketing Advice reports that $230.6 billion was spent worldwide on sportswear and outdoor apparel in 2021. However, there’s always room to improve on adventures large and small, and holiday shoppers can keep these items in mind as they look for items for their favorite nature lover this season.


A plasma lighter can start fires in conditions that aren’t conducive to other fire-starting measures. Plasma lighters are water- and wind-resistant and work in nearly all weather conditions. Saberlight even makes a rechargeab­le option with USB charging cable.


Outside magazine recently named the BioLite AlpenGlow 250 as its new favorite road trip item. It can be used in a variety of settings, including inside a tent or at a


Yeti is known as a leader in coolers, and the Yeti Hopper Backflip Soft Cooler makes carrying food and beverages even more convenient. This product is a backpack and a cooler, so it’s a hands-free and portable


Keeping feet cool and comfortabl­e is essential on hiking trips. Injinji socks are made from CoolMax fibers that help provide a blister-free wilderness experience designed to minimize friction.


Whether a loved one spends time in or near the water or just wants to safeguard his or her belongings in inclement weather, a waterproof backpack is the ideal outdoor gift. It’s easy to clean and keeps items inside dry. IDRYBAG Waterproof Backpack is one to consider.


Maybe someone’s sleeping gear needs an overhaul? Enlightene­d Equipment offers an 850-fill, zero-degree sleeping bag that is warm, but only weighs 1.5 pounds. That helps free up space and lessens hikers’ loads when carrying gear on the trail.


Many people can’t live without their devices, even when out in the great outdoors. Since you can’t plug a phone into a tree, a portable solar charger and power bank is key. The BioLite SolarPanel 5+ comes with its own built-in battery, so a person can capture the sun’s rays during the day and save some power reserves for charging after sunset.

These are just a few of the innovative items that can appeal to outdoor enthusiast­s on your holiday shopping list.

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