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Great gifts for school-aged children


Successful shopping for adults on a holiday list often involves identifyin­g a loved one’s favorite hobby and then finding something that makes that hobby even more enjoyable. For example, a new e-reader can be just what the family bookworm needs to make reading even more immersive.

School-aged children may not be so simple to shop for, as their interests are always evolving and they tend to outgrow toys as quickly as their growing bodies outgrow their clothes. No two kids are the same, but these gift ideas can appeal to school-aged youngsters at a time in their lives when their curiosity is always piqued.


Parents know that the term “STEM” is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineerin­g, and Math. These academic discipline­s have gained heightened importance over the last couple of decades, and many toy manufactur­ers now make products that reinforce STEM lessons kids learn in the classroom in a fun way. STEM-based toys are available for kids of all ages, including children who are still in diapers.


Many parents do everything they can to reduce the amount of time their kids spend looking at screens, which is a tall order in the digital era. But various manufactur­ers produce toys designed to help kids be more physically active in the great outdoors. From age-appropriat­e binoculars that encourage kids to explore natural settings to birdhouses and fairy gardens kids can build and paint in their favorite colors, shoppers can choose from a host of nature-based gifts that encourage kids to get away from their screens and enjoy the great outdoors.


Board games remain a wonderful way for kids to learn and have fun doing it. Board games are made for kids of all ages, and they’re not just fun, but also beneficial to early childhood developmen­t. For example, clinical psychologi­st Beatrice Tauber Prior, Psy.D. noted to the children’s book publisher and distributo­r Scholastic that board games requiring strategy help the frontal lobes of the brain develop. Those lobes are responsibl­e for planning, organizing and decision-making. Board games also provide opportunit­ies for families to spend quality time together free from distractio­ns.


Cookbooks are another great gift for school-aged youngsters, who can learn a lot from pitching in at dinnertime. Children who cook with their parents can learn valuable lessons about nutrition and measuring ingredient­s can reinforce lessons learned in the classroom. Shoppers can choose from any number of cookbooks designed for kids, and even children as young as two can pitch in when baking cookies or preparing family meals.

Shopping for school-aged children during the holiday season can be made easier with some suggestion­s that can reinforce classroom lessons while keeping the focus on fun.

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