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Experienti­al gifts for kids


The popularity of experienti­al gifts is undeniable. In its 2021 Winter Holiday Shopping Report, the market research firm Mintel revealed that nearly half of individual­s surveyed for the report felt that experienti­al gifts are superior to tangible items. Such preference­s are something holiday shoppers can keep in mind as they pursue the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Experienti­al gifts are often associated with adults and their bucket lists, but kids have much to gain from being gifted experience­s as well. In addition to the lasting memories inspired by experienti­al gifts, such offerings also get kids up and out of the house. Parents recognize that’s not always so easy in the digital age.

Though children likely don’t have a bucket list that can make it easy for holiday shoppers to find the perfect experienti­al gift, the following are a number of experience­s that kids of all ages can enjoy.

• A day at the zoo

• A trip to a trampoline park or bouncy house facility

• Tickets to a sporting event, concert or live show

• Music lessons

• A paint and sip (juice) event with one or both parents

• Cooking lessons

• A day at a nearby national park

• A camping trip

• Horseback riding lessons

• A day at a nearby amusement park

• A day at a local arcade

• A day at a local museum with interactiv­e exhibits

• A helicopter ride

• Art lessons

• A day on the ski slopes

• A day on the beach

• Gymnastics lessons/classes

• A day at the local bowling alley with friends

• Ice skating lessons

• A round of mini golf

• Jewelry-making lessons/classes

• A fishing trip on a nearby body of water

There’s no shortage of experience­s that can benefit children’s lives. That’s something holiday shoppers can keep in mind as they shop for the perfect gifts for youngsters on their shopping list this December.

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