How Sega chooses which Ja­panese games to port, and when


In April, 2017, the PC Gamer team made a wish­list of Ja­panese games we wanted to come to PC. Over a year later, and… we’re still wait­ing on the many of those games. But even though I’m not yet play­ing Gi­ta­roo Man through my Steam ac­count, PC fans have re­cently en­joyed re­leases of a num­ber of Ja­panese games, many of them from SEGA’s back cat­a­log. With Bay­o­netta, Van­quish, and now Yakuza 0, SEGA is build­ing a rep­u­ta­tion as one of the most proac­tive porters of Ja­panese games to PC. “We were so pleased to be able to an­nounce Yakuza, just in the same way that we were so pleased to be able to an­nounce Shen­mue, in the same way that we were pleased to an­nounce Bay­o­netta, Van­quish, and be­fore that Valkyria Chron­i­cles which re­ally—at least in­ter­nally—started this whole sort of mo­men­tum for us to be able to sup­port Ja­panese port­ing to PC,” says John Clarke, SEGA Europe’s ex­ec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent of pub­lish­ing. “And it’s some­thing that we don’t want to stop. We want it to con­tinue.”

I’m talk­ing to Clark the day af­ter Yakuza 0’ s PC an­nounce­ment at E3, and try­ing to get a sense of SEGA’s strat­egy for PC ports of Ja­panese games. Yakuza 0, for in­stance, re­leased just over a year af­ter it ap­peared on PS4s in the west. But other highly re­quested games, for in­stance Per­sona 5, re­main in limbo, with no news as to whether they’ll be ported or not. Clark reels through a

“the PC com­mu­nity are say­ing that all Ja­panese games are the right games”

Hope­fully Yakuza 0 does well enough for SEGA to port the rest of the se­ries to PC.

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