Sur­vive retro hor­ror in Con­cluse.

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The world of Con­cluse will seem fa­mil­iar if you’ve suf­fered through the foggy hellscapes of Silent Hill. There are plenty of sim­i­lar­i­ties, from the fact that you’ve en­tered an aban­doned town in search of your miss­ing wife, to the sat­is­fy­ing puz­zles. Tech­no­log­i­cally, Con­cluse feels con­vinc­ingly like a hor­ror game from the mid-’90s, its boxy ob­jects and grainy cam­era fil­ter help­ing cre­ate the il­lu­sion that you’re play­ing from a spin­ning CD-ROM.

Con­cluse even goes be­yond most of these retro sur­vival hor­rors, and most in­die games gen­er­ally, by of­fer­ing a suite of 3D-an­i­mated cutscenes. While the char­ac­ter models are a lit­tle rough, and the cam­er­a­work is slightly over­dra­matic, they do a lot to en­liven a rather one-note game.

There’s no com­bat, which is a shame given how much else the game suc­cess­fully cribs from Silent Hill. But the en­vi­ron­ments are well de­tailed, full of items to col­lect and scat­tered notes to de­ci­pher (even if the low-res im­agery makes them hard to read). There’s a steady stream of dis­turb­ing sights sug­gest­ing a world packed with malev­o­lence, even if it doesn’t seem ter­ri­bly both­ered about up­set­ting you per­son­ally.

More­over, Con­cluse is a long game: Long by the stan­dards of most free­ware ad­ven­tures. I men­tion this not to knock other games, but to com­pli­ment the rare free­ware de­vel­oper who has ex­plored an idea to its fullest, rather than leav­ing a tan­ta­liz­ing taster for a meal that will never come. Like a lot of old­er­look­ing games, it’s never en­tirely its own an­i­mal, but when it comes to ap­ing one of the clas­sics, Con­cluse is one of the most con­vinc­ing ’90s sur­vival hor­rors that never was.


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