While the PC ver­sion of Yakuza 0 took up the ma­jor­ity of my month, I did find time to in­ves­ti­gate a cou­ple of games with the po­ten­tial to be­come ma­jor timesinks in the not-too-dis­tant fu­ture. The first is Quake Cham­pi­ons, id’s at­tempt to dress up an old-school arena shooter in a more mod­ern hero shooter’s clothes.

I’m en­joy­ing it a lot. De­spite of­fer­ing dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters with unique skills and stats, this is still an arena shooter at its core. You speed around maps, pick­ing up weapons, ammo, and ar­mor, and blast­ing peo­ple to death in fran­tic fire­fights.

The sec­ond is To­tal War: Warham­mer, which I’ve been mean­ing to play for years. I’ve started a cam­paign as the Dwarfs, and it’s been en­joy­ably re­lax­ing, although my king­dom is al­ready over­spend­ing and on the verge of a riot.

Phil Savage Editor

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