Mam­moth games


I’ve stalled a bit this month thanks to re­turn­ing to two mam­moth games in­stead of chew­ing through smaller fare. A re­turn to No Man’s Sky to add con­text to a fea­ture turned into a full-on base-build­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy timesink, and a peek at Minecraft’s Up­date Aquatic ended up steal­ing a sim­i­lar chunk of time.

On the plus side, I now have not one, but two mag­nif­i­cent un­der­wa­ter bases. On the other hand… ac­tu­ally, I can’t think of any down­sides here. It is bet­ter down where it’s wet­ter (take it from meeeeee)!

You can read about my Minecraft home in Now Play­ing, but my No Man’s Sky habi­tat is a sprawl­ing den of a place. The over­ground part is all wood pan­elling, while un­der­wa­ter is al­most en­tirely made from glass cubes. Now I’m just try­ing to work out how to spy on alien fish.

Philippa Warr Deputy Editor

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