Medals of Honor

Decoding en­dorse­ments


Over­watch’s new player-rat­ing En­dorse­ments sys­tem has, Bl­iz­zard claims, led to a dra­matic re­duc­tion in toxic be­hav­ior. But what do they ac­tu­ally mean?

Good team mate

You’re a healer who re­mem­bers to heal peo­ple or a tank stays with the team. You ob­serve spawn room pro­to­col, like watch­ing peo­ple dance.


You, as you’re play­ing Zarya or Ana, say “group up” once or twice dur­ing the match and sync up your ul­ti­mate ef­fec­tively with your team’s Genji.


You try to cap­ture the point as Mercy in the last minute, while every­body else on your team is busy trad­ing emotes with the other team’s Doom­fist.

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