King­dom Come – From the Ashes

Man­age a vil­lage in King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance — from the Ashes.

PC GAMER (US) - - REVIEW - By Andy Kelly

Nat­u­rally, he asks the son of a black­smith to pay for ev­ery­thing

At a cer­tain point in King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance’s story, me­dieval ev­ery­man Henry helps to clear out the ban­dit-oc­cu­pied vil­lage of Pribyslavi­tz, even­tu­ally killing the gang’s leader. The ham­let is left aban­doned and in ru­ins af­ter the bat­tle. Now, though, if you buy From the Ashes — King­dom Come’s first DLC pack­age — you will be given the op­por­tu­nity to re­store the set­tle­ment to its former glory.

You start the quest by speak­ing to Lord Divish in Talm­berg. Story-wise it’s de­signed to slot into the mid­dle of the game, but you can start it in the epi­log, too. Divish names Henry the vil­lage bailiff, but says he can’t spare any coin, so, nat­u­rally, asks the son of a black­smith to pay for ev­ery­thing, too — some­what of a clumsy way of mak­ing Henry the fo­cus of the DLC.

Your first task is find­ing Divish’s sur­veyor, Mar­ius Bilek, who has been kid­napped by the last few loi­ter­ing ban­dits. There are sev­eral ways to res­cue him, in­clud­ing sim­ply pay­ing them the ran­som.

When Mar­ius is free, you join him on a sur­vey of the area. He takes note of the lo­cal re­sources and picks out parcels of land for the build­ings you’ll be cough­ing up a for­tune to build.

You choose what to con­struct by talk­ing to Mar­ius. I started with a wood­cut­ter’s camp, which gen­er­ates lum­ber to build more com­plex struc­tures such as tav­erns and trad­ing posts.

Build­ings and la­bor­ers cost money. But in­come-gen­er­at­ing struc­tures will make you your cash back. The ini­tial in­vest­ment is hefty, though. Con­struct­ing the vil­lage cost me some­thing in the re­gion of 80,000 Groschen.

That’s pro­hib­i­tively ex­pen­sive for a good chunk of the game, so make sure you have a fat wal­let be­fore you think about restor­ing Pribyslavi­tz. The prob­lem is, it doesn’t feel like a good in­vest­ment. A com­pleted vil­lage will gen­er­ate a steady in­come, but you won’t visit it reg­u­larly.


In­ex­pli­ca­bly, Henry doesn’t get his own house. You can build an ar­mor­smith or sword­smith, but not both. There’s no op­tion to con­struct a bath­house. And the vil­lage is tucked away in a re­mote cor­ner of the map.

Hav­ing these ameni­ties in one place would’ve made Pribyslavi­tz some­where worth vis­it­ing as a base of op­er­a­tions. But af­ter com­plet­ing it, I felt no real urge to re­turn. From the Ashes ul­ti­mately doesn’t add much of worth to King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance, but if you’ve bled the game dry and want more, it’s a pass­able rea­son to re­turn to Bo­hemia.


An ex­pan­sion that broad­ens the scope of King­domCome, but not in an in­ter­ac­tive or re­ward­ing way.


Henry’s career pro­gres­sion con­tin­ues at an ab­surd rate.

The town takes shape, but costs a pretty penny.

It wouldn’t be a me­dieval game with­out silly hats.

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