View­sonic XG2530

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As the joint cheap­est dis­play in this group test, the View­sonic XG2530 could be for­given for scrimp­ing here and there. How­ever, this mon­i­tor de­liv­ers on al­most ev­ery front.

Most im­por­tantly, its dis­play pro­vides the per­for­mance and im­age qual­ity you’d hope for. It ticks along at 240Hz, mak­ing for a light­ning-fast, re­spon­sive feel, and giv­ing up next to noth­ing com­pared to its peers, G-Sync aside.

As for im­age qual­ity, it again im­presses in ev­ery re­gard. It pro­vides the best con­trast level on test. Color bal­ance is ex­cel­lent right out of the box, and gamma re­sponse is very good. Just gen­er­ally, it’s about as good as these 240Hz dis­plays get.

As well as this core per­for­mance, you also get an ad­justable stand and plenty of con­nec­tiv­ity, with one Dis­playPort, two HDMI, and two USB 3.0. You also get ba­sic speak­ers and a head­phone out­put.

The dis­play is less im­pres­sive with re­gards to its style. Its look is unin­spired, with a generic ex­te­rior adorned by splashes of color. Also, its menus are a lit­tle con­fus­ing, and the but­tons for nav­i­ga­tion aren’t the eas­i­est to lo­cate.

That aside, though,this is an ex­cel­lent choice for the price. 90%



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