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I don’t know what to do with the Top 100. Usu­ally your team is on point. This year, am I to be­lieve that over 50 of the best games of all time came from 2015 and later? You name Deus Ex and Doom II, but ev­ery other game has some en­hanced edi­tion or se­quel. Hope­fully you fig­ure out a con­sis­tent cri­te­ria—his­tor­i­cal im­pact be­ing one of them. David Run Phil: The Top 100 is a list of what we’d rec­om­mend right­now. In fact, I dis­agree that his­tor­i­cal im­pact should be a fac­tor at all. The list should change, and games should come and go as tastes shift and evolve.

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