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All the mice in this group test take a ‘less is more’ route, but the Log­itech G Pro re­ally pushes it to the limit. With just six but­tons, it has the joint fewest in this test, and there’s very lit­tle else to this mouse be­sides. You get a light-up logo and stripe and a braided cable, but oth­er­wise this is as ba­sic is it gets. Even its am­bidex­trous-look­ing de­sign isn’t a real fea­ture, as it only has but­tons on the left side of the mouse.

It’s phys­i­cally not much of a mouse, ei­ther. At just 60mm x 114mm x 36mm and weigh­ing in at 85g, it’s the small­est and se­cond light­est mouse in this test. This, Log­itech says, is what makes it ap­peal­ing, as es­ports gamers pre­fer lighter mice.

How­ever, in my tests I found it a bit too small and lack­ing in con­tour­ing. In par­tic­u­lar, its sides slope in a lit­tle too sharply, mak­ing your fin­gers slide un­der the mouse, rather than grip the sides. Like­wise, the lack of tex­tur­ing or rub­ber on the sides means it doesn’t grip as well. Thank­fully, its low weight means these short­com­ings aren’t felt so acutely, as it’s easy to pick up any­way.

Mean­while, per­for­mance can’t be faulted. Log­itech’s new 16,000 DPI op­ti­cal Hero sen­sor is su­perb. It’s just the small size and shape that I take is­sue with.

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