Unit re­port­ing

A hand­ful of Men­tal Omega’s hero units


Siegfried Fac­tion: Al­lied Na­tions Sub­fac­tion: Eu­ro­pean Al­liance Ba­si­cally weaponized Ein­stein. He shoots un­sta­ble time fields. Chitzkoi Fac­tion: Soviet Union

Sub­fac­tion: Rus­sia This cy­borg dog is im­mune to ra­di­a­tion and poi­son, and can bite tanks to death. Who’s a good boy? Li­bra Fac­tion: Ep­silon Army Sub­fac­tion: PsiCorps Oh, is a cy­ber­dog not an­ime enough? How about a float­ing woman who can lev­i­tate­tanks? Fin&Alize Fac­tion: Foehn Re­volt

Sub­fac­tion: Hail­head Fin kills sol­diers, Al­iza kills ve­hi­cles. They’ll rapidly re­gen­er­ate their health when kept to­gether, too.

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