The Rem­edy story so far


Death Rally 1996

Rem­edy’s first project was, oddly enough, a top-down, Mad Max-style ve­hic­u­lar com­bat game. Don’t ex­pect a se­quel to this one any time soon.

Max Payne 2001

The stylish slow-mo­tion shooter that made Rem­edy’s name. A noir de­tec­tive story set in New York City with thrilling Ma­trix­in­spired com­bat.

Max Payne 2 2003

This am­bi­tious, lav­ish se­quel to Max Payne com­bined hard-boiled ac­tion with a sur­real, self-aware Lynchian weird­ness, to mem­o­rable ef­fect.

Alan Wake 2010

Rem­edy traded the gritty streets of New York for the rugged wilds of the Pa­cific North­west in this quirky, at­mo­spheric psy­cho­log­i­cal hor­ror game.

Q uan­tum B reaK 2016

A big, loud, ex­pen­sive ac­tion movie in videogame form, with a dense time travel plot and live ac­tion TV seg­ments that re­act to the player’s choices.

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