A r mor Anatomy

How Azerite Ar­mor works with a De­mon Hunter


1 Three con­cen­tri­crings Each re­quire a higher Heart of Aze­roth level to un­lock. You can only choose one trait from each ring. 2 Blight­borne In fu­sion Spells and abil­i­ties have a chance to draw a Wan­der­ing Soul that in­creases your crit­i­cal strike for a pe­riod of time.

3 Gap­ing Maw Us­ing Soul Cleave grants you a shield that ab­sorbs a bit of dam­age, in­creased by up to 100% based on miss­ing health.

4 Un­bound Chaos Your in­ner de­mon slams into nearby en­e­mies at the end of your Fel Rush deal­ing chaos dam­age.

5 Soul­mon­ger Con­sum­ing a soul frag­ment shields you for three sec­onds.

6 Azerite For­ti­fi­ca­tion When stunned, im­mo­bi­lized, or knocked back, you heal for a set amount of dam­age.

7 Azerite Em pow­ered In­creases the level of this item by five.

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