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De­volver dives into the world of the US mar­i­juana sys­tem

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Chuck a dart at a map of the USA and you’ll get a dif­fer­ent an­swer as to whether spark­ing up a joint is le­gal, de­crim­i­nalised or go­ing to get you a bunch of jail time. Weed­craft Inc. is a game where you can nav­i­gate these muddy waters for right­eous or ne­far­i­ous rea­sons, but ul­ti­mately for profit. Weed­craftInc. is very much a Ty­coon­style game that puts you in the shoes of a busi­ness grad­u­ate who has come back to the fam­ily home to deal with the af­ter­math of their fa­ther’s death due to cancer. Your brother quickly tells you he had been grow­ing weed to help with the pain man­age­ment, rather than pre­scribed opi­ates, and quickly con­vinces you that start­ing to sell it is a good idea. Grow­ing plants is a case of choos­ing soil and set­ting room tem­per­a­ture to con­trol qual­ity, then man­ag­ing water and ‘train­ing’ the leaves—which is a nice rhythm of click­ing and hold­ing the mouse but­tons—un­til it’s fully grown. Then, it’s time to take to the streets and start shift­ing the goods.

Set­ting your price to at­tract the po­ten­tial buy­ers in the area is one thing, but you have to also ac­count for spe­cific needs and tastes. The lo­cal home­less pop­u­la­tion might not care for qual­ity, only price, for in­stance, while the jocks from the nearby col­lege are will­ing to pay a pre­mium for the re­ally good stuff. It’s not just peo­ple look­ing to get wasted, how­ever. Some of the weed can help vet­er­ans with PTSD, or the afore­men­tioned pain man­age­ment, so you have to grow stuff with the most de­sir­able ef­fects for your mar­ket. By up­grad­ing your grow room, adding a lab­o­ra­tory and staff, you can cre­ate wild hy­brid strains of chronic, each with a cool pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated look and name.

As you grow your op­er­a­tion, you can choose to stay un­der­ground, dis­guis­ing your op­er­a­tions as cof­fee shops to keep the po­lice away, or you can ‘go le­gal’, open­ing shops in states where mar­i­juana has been le­gal­ized. You can play the po­lit­i­cal sys­tem from both sides, pe­ti­tion­ing to le­gal­ize it or even brib­ing peo­ple to keep it il­le­gal—that’ll stop some new busi­ness open­ing up and tak­ing the cash from your crim­i­nal em­pire. They’ve kept mo­ral­ity bril­liantly gray. You can be an ab­so­lute saint, treat­ing vet­er­ans from an il­le­gal crop, or a to­tal Scar­face who runs a chain of le­gal weed stores.

High LIfe

I’m sure that one day we’ll live in a world where there’s a Ty­coon- style game for ev­ery busi­ness type un­der the sun, but this one—with its mix of real-life grey area pol­i­tics and a sub­ject mat­ter that, frankly, lends it­self ex­tremely well to the genre—is look­ing in­ter­est­ing. Weed keep an eye on this one. Oh god.

As you grow your op­er­a­tion, you can choose to stay un­der­ground

Ga­me­namexxxx You can even­tu­ally run a le­git, le­gal op­er­a­tion.

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