Re­lax­ing break


I en­joyed Andy Kelly’s re­port on Dove­tail Games. I find it a re­lax­ing break from shoot­ers. The ref­er­ence to Dead­stick took me back to the ’80s when sub­Logic was pub­lish­ing Flight Sim­u­la­tor. I had that on my Atari 800, but en­joyed Sid Meier’s SoloF­light bet­ter. You had to bal­ance the weight of your av­gas vs the amount of mail you were haul­ing vs the dis­tance you had to fly. Pretty slick for 48K!

PS, You should let Xalavier Nel­son Jr. know about the rain­drop ef­fects in Richard Burns Rally. I of­ten ran off the road be­cause I was blown away by the re­al­ism of the rain hit­ting the wind­screen. Jim Phil: Xalavier is ter­ri­fy­ingly young, so is prob­a­bly un­aware of RichardBurns Rally. We’ll be sure to give him the his­tory les­son he des­per­ately needs.

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