The Col­lage Atl a s


TheCol­lageAt­las of­fers a thought­ful jour­ney into a beau­ti­ful world of hand-drawn ob­jects. The cur­rent build lets you wan­der a strange land­scape, en­coun­ter­ing in­tri­cate wrought iron struc­tures, wooden boat hulls, tus­socks, lanterns, and other mo­tifs which help fla­vor the world.

The game is still a way off com­ple­tion, but ev­ery time I en­counter it I’m re­minded of its charm. Maybe it’s ex­tra spe­cial to me be­cause I’m from one of those old sea­side towns, or be­cause I have fond mem­o­ries of the old-fash­ioned pa­per the­aters with 2D char­ac­ters and props which the pre­sen­ta­tion re­minds me of. Re­gard­less, it’s a small and beau­ti­ful thing, which is a joy to fol­low on the de­vel­oper’s var­i­ous so­cial me­dia plat­forms.

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