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Strat­egy games and RPGs have long been chummy, per­haps thanks to them both orig­i­nat­ing on table­tops, spawn­ing count­less cases of hy­brids. 1984’s Lord­sofMid­night could be played like an RPG or a wargame, with the hero ei­ther go­ing on an adventure to de­stroy a magical MacGuf­fin or rais­ing an army of war­riors and wizards to storm the Witchk­ing’s citadel. The ’90s had the likes of King’s

Bounty and its suc­ces­sor, Heroe­sofMigh­tandMagic, where he­roes led armies across fan­tasy lands, fight­ing tac­ti­cal bat­tles, be­sieg­ing cas­tles, and lev­el­ing up. There was a hint of city-build­ing and em­pire man­age­ment, but the char­ac­ter pro­gres­sion and ex­plo­ration owed ev­ery­thing to RPGs.

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