Myth:TheFal­lenLords, de­vel­oped by Halo and

Destiny stu­dio Bungie, was an as­tound­ing tech­ni­cal achieve­ment when it launched in 1997. It was a 3D real-time tac­tics game with a 3D cam­era to match. That alone made it worth tak­ing no­tice, but Myth also proved just how gamechang­ing 3D bat­tle­fields could be, par­tic­u­larly if they were sup­ported by physics. If an archer missed an en­emy, for in­stance, that ar­row still had to go some­where. Maybe it hit a tree, or an­other char­ac­ter. Weather, range, and el­e­va­tion all ex­erted their in­flu­ence over the tac­ti­cal scraps, which made it more than a bit tricky, but also un­like any other strat­egy game around. It’s a great shame that Bungie moved onto other pas­tures.

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