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Ripp er 1996

A killer with the same MO as Jack the Rip­per sur­faces in New York in the year 2040. Christo­pher Walken’s act­ing is re­mark­able.

N o i r : A S h a d o wy T h r ill er 1996

An at­mo­spheric, but ter­ri­ble, crime adventure about a weary pri­vate eye search­ing for his miss­ing busi­ness part­ner.

B l a c k D a h li a 1998

A story in­spired by the no­to­ri­ous 1947 cold case of the same name, fea­tur­ing serial mur­ders, Nazi oc­cultism, and, er, Den­nis Hopper.

P s y c h i c D e t e c tiv e 1995

Night­club psy­chic Eric Fox gains the abil­ity to dive into other peo­ple’s minds and uses his new­found pow­ers to solve a grisly mur­der.

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