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The 850 Evo was the SATA SSD of choice for those that wanted a bal­ance of per­for­mance and price. It’s this mar­ket that Sam­sung has aimed for again with the 860 Evo, but the com­pe­ti­tion is now much hot­ter.

In par­tic­u­lar, the Cru­cial MX500 has mus­cled into this space, leav­ing very lit­tle wig­gle room. The 860 Evo de­mands a higher price than Cru­cial’s of­fer­ing, and yet only just creeps ahead in my se­quen­tial read and write tests. Mean­while, it falls be­hind in ran­dom read and write tests.

How­ever, there is one po­ten­tially crit­i­cal area where this drive pulls ahead of the com­pe­ti­tion, which is write en­durance. This drive boasts a whop­ping 300TBW with a five-year war­ranty.

You can also get this drive in both M.2 and SATA, as well as mSATA, form fac­tors, with the SATA ver­sion top­ping out at a huge 4TB.

Sam­sung uses its own 3D TLC NAND and MJX con­troller in these drives, and it has proved to be very ca­pa­ble. The de­vice also of­fers 256-bit AES hard­ware en­cryp­tion.

The Sam­sung 860 Evo is still a great choice for those seek­ing a slightly more pre­mium, longer-last­ing SATA SSD, but for most, the Cru­cial MX500 will do the job.

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