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Cru­cial’s MX500 se­ries is avail­able in M.2 and 2.5-inch SATA form fac­tors, but only runs us­ing the slower SATA pro­to­col. That means se­quen­tial per­for­mance is lim­ited to around 550MB/s re­gard­less of which drive you buy.

Opt for the M.2 ver­sion and you’re lim­ited to 1TB ca­pac­ity, but the 2.5-inch ver­sion goes up to 2TB. Which­ever ver­sion you go for, though, they all of­fer good value. Cost­ing just $90 for a 500GB ver­sion, you can hardly buy a cheaper 500GB SSD.

It’s all the more sur­pris­ing, then, that this drive per­forms well. The com­pany’s pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion drive, the MX300, of­fered great value, too, but it strug­gled for speed. Here, though, the MX500 trades blows with other SATA drives for top spot, lead­ing in ran­dom read and write per­for­mance.

A slightly lower write en­durance than the WB Blue 3D is no­table, but not re­ally a con­cern—all these drives should still last many, many years.

The drive it­self is fin­ished in a fetch­ing metal case while you also get hard­ware AES en­cryp­tion for se­cure data stor­age. Un­der the hood is Mi­cron’s 3D NAND and an SMI SM2258 con­troller.

Ex­cel­lent per­for­mance, for a SATA drive, and a rock-bot­tom price make this the best SATA SSD.

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