Sam­sung 970 Pro 512GB

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The Sam­sung 970 Evo is such a fast drive that for many the 970 Pro seems al­most point­less. How­ever, if you’re af­ter the ul­ti­mate in per­for­mance and longevity, it’s the drive to get.

Its use of MLC NAND means you don’t get any drop in write per­for­mance like you do with TLC drives— they rely on a cache of faster NAND to cre­ate a write buf­fer. If you con­tin­u­ously write more data to the drive than the size of the buf­fer, write per­for­mance drops. Here, how­ever, the drive just keeps chugging along.

That MLC NAND also re­sults in a far longer life for the drive. You get dou­ble the write en­durance with the 970 Pro com­pared to the 970 Evo, which is al­ready much higher than most value SSDs.

Then of course there’s per­for­mance. You’re not ac­tu­ally get­ting that much faster a drive here than the 970 Evo, es­pe­cially in se­quen­tial per­for­mance, but there is still an ad­van­tage top be had.

Un­for­tu­nately, that ad­van­tage is just too small for this drive to make sense for most of us. For gam­ing it’s overkill of the high­est pro­por­tion. You will only need this level of per­for­mance and longevity for very spe­cial­ist tasks, and brag­ging rights.

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