En­joy 1080p gam­ing with­out break­ing the bank


B360M-DS3H Gi­ga­byte $68 It lacks over­clock­ing op­tions, but the new B360 chipset is far cheaper than Z370, and per­fect for this bud­get build.

Core i3-8100 In­tel $110 A great pro­ces­sor for out-of-the-box gam­ing per­for­mance. Opt for the AMD Ryzen 1300X if you’d like to over­clock.

Ge­Force GTX 1060 3GB In­no3D $215 The ru­mors were true, and graph­ics card prices are start­ing to fall. Our pick for this build is bit cheaper than last time.

Hy­per 212 Evo Cool­erMaster $30 We’ve dropped the con­troller from this build and added in a bet­ter CPU cooler, for a qui­eter, cooler sys­tem.

Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) @2400MHz Cor­sair $80 DDR4 prices are still high, how­ever this Cor­sair pair is a good value op­tion.

500BQ EVGA $60 It may be cheap, but this 500W PSU is more than enough to han­dle any bud­get build. This rig only draws 269W at max­i­mum load, too.

MX500 250GB Cru­cial $65 Cru­cial’s SSD range is fan­tas­tic value and of­fers good per­for­mance, too. It’s also time we jumped up to 250GB.

Caviar Blue 1TB 7200rpm Western Dig­i­tal $42 One ter­abyte of old-fash­ioned hard stor­age is the per­fect home for all of your me­dia, back­ups, and AAA ti­tles.

Neos Bit­fenix $45 The Neos pro­vides de­cent air­flow, good sup­port for 3.5-inch hard drives, and a fairly pain­less build ex­pe­ri­ence.

G2460PF AOC $260 This is the cheap­est 144Hz, gam­ing mon­i­tor you can buy, yet it still of­fers de­cent im­age qual­ity, great per­for­mance, and Freesync.

K55 Cor­sair $48 This key­board may lack me­chan­i­cal keyswitches but it of­fers de­cent typ­ing, plus it has RGB and ex­tra gam­ing keys.

Ri­val 110 SteelSeries $24 A great sen­sor, sim­ple de­sign, and im­pres­sively low price make this a great en­try-level gam­ing mouse.

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