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Like the wargames of the ’70s and ’80s, col­lectible card games have in­creas­ingly been go­ing dig­i­tal. Some, like the wildly pop­u­lar Magic: The Gath­er­ing, started out as phys­i­cal games be­fore dig­i­tal spin-offs cropped up, while oth­ers, like Hearth­stone, were de­vel­oped as videogames from the ground up.

While the set­tings, rules and me­chan­ics of­ten dif­fer a great deal be­tween them, these strat­egy-ad­ja­cent games task play­ers with cre­at­ing decks of armies, heroes, build­ings, spells, or just broad con­cepts. Hy­brids have been ap­pear­ing too, like Card Hunter, which mixed table­top RPGs with CCGs and tac­ti­cal com­bat, and Valve’s up­com­ing Ar­ti­fact, in­spired by Dota2.

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