Rise of Nati ons


When Civ­i­liza­tion code­signer Bruce Shelley em­barked on Age of Em­pires, it was go­ing to be a cross be­tween Civ and RTS games like War­craft and Com­mand & Con­quer. Those lofty am­bi­tions were never quite matched by Age of Em­pires, but Rise of Na­tions got a lot closer. Also de­signed by a Civ alum­nus, this time Brian Reynolds, it made all of hu­man his­tory an RTS play­ground. Reynolds threw lots of con­cepts more com­mon in turn-based games into the mix, in­clud­ing ter­ri­tory, at­tri­tion, and over­see­ing mul­ti­ple set­tle­ments, but it was all man­age­able, even with the real-time pace. It looked poised to usher in an ex­cit­ing new era of RTS games, but de­spite be­ing bril­liant, it never did.

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