Anatomy of War

Quick ways to weaken na­tions and, even­tu­ally, score good loot


Mur­der all the soldiers you see

Killing soldiers will chip away at a na­tion’s strength, so al­ways go for that killing blow.

Burn war sup­plies

You can find these in guarded forts. Just be sure to loot them for valu­able re­sources be­fore set­ting them on fire.

As­sas­si­nate the na­tion leader

Usu­ally found in their guarded house. Do this when a na­tion is weak­ened to thin their en­tourage.

Let time take itsc ourse

Na­tion power de­clines in most zones au­to­mat­i­cally, so al­ways check to see if new bat­tles are avail­able.

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