Play your cards right

A guide to dig­i­tal card bat­tling


1 You and your op­po­nent have two rows each. The right-hand num­bers are the strength to­tals—the sum of ev­ery card. 2 The top num­ber is strength, the bot­tom value is ar­mor. If a card is re­duced to zero strength, it’s moved to the grave­yard. 3 How many Or­der ac­tions you can per­form. These are dif­fer­ent for each card, and other cards can recharge them. 4 Gold cards rep­re­sent char­ac­ters that Meve meets across the story. This one is a good dog that fol­lows me around. 5 Un­like in Gwent, you can per­form mul­ti­ple leader ac­tions each round based on the length of that abil­ity’s cooldown timer.

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