What your Blackout drop site says about you


1 Nuke­town

You long for the sim­ple days of the past, and you love en­gag­ing other play­ers in close-quar­ters gun­fights.

2 Asy­lum

You love to risk it all for rare gains, and you don’t mind brav­ing a few un­dead haz­ards to get there.

3 Light­house

You like to take the slow-but-steady road, even if that some­times keeps you from the finer things in life, like level three ar­mor.

4 Firing Range

You pre­fer big losses or big gains, ei­ther you’re dead within a minute or you’re the most well-equipped grunt on the map.

5 Fac­tory

Rather than plan­ning ahead, you don’t mind cross­ing bridges when you come to them—even if they’re pa­trolled by snipers.

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