In­stead of hav­ing a pre­set list of skills, each player loots skill gems that can be sock­eted into equipped ar­mor to gain ac­cess to that skill. By com­bin­ing these gems to­gether, play­ers can cre­ate pow­er­ful cus­tom spells.


1 This An­ces­tral Warchief skill lets me sum­mon a pow­er­ful totem-bound spirit that at­tacks nearby en­e­mies. 2 The Ha­tred skill gem aug­ments the Warchief’s at­tacks, mak­ing it deal cold dam­age that slows en­e­mies. 3 The Culling Strike Sup­port gem fur­ther in­creases dam­age, but also in­sta-kills any enemy be­low 10% HP. 4Blind Sup­port makes the Warchief also blind en­e­mies, mak­ing them miss their at­tacks.

The end re­sult

A pow­er­ful totem min­ion that at­tacks en­e­mies, slow­ing and blind­ing them so I can eas­ily avoid dan­ger.

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