GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

NVIDIA $1,199


Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the lat­est and most po­tent GPU around. It’s packed with fea­tures, in­clud­ing more CUDA cores, RT cores for real-time ray trac­ing, and Ten­sor cores for deep learn­ing cal­cu­la­tions. The Tur­ing ar­chi­tec­ture con­tains other en­hance­ments as well, mak­ing this the fastest graph­ics card for gam­ing and ev­ery­thing else. If you’re look­ing for the best value, for­get about the new RTX cards. But if you’re ey­ing a 4K 144Hz HDR G-Sync dis­play, the RTX 2080 Ti is the card for you.

Thanks to the Ten­sor cores, the 2080 Ti can use Nvidia’s new DLSS al­go­rithm to up­scale and anti-alias games to 4K with sim­i­lar qual­ity to na­tive 4K ren­der­ing us­ing TAA. I’ve tested DLSS in sev­eral de­mos, and it works as ad­ver­tized, with the 2080 Ti 4K DLSS per­for­mance more than dou­bling the 1080 Ti’s 4K TAA power. Nvidia also pro­vided a ray trac­ing demo called Star Wars El­e­va­tor that can run on ear­lier GPUs. The 2080 Ti ran the demo at 1440p and 59fps, where the 1080 Ti only man­aged to pull 10fps. Yeah.

Now we just need ray trac­ing and DLSS en­hanced games.

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