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It’s the most hated game at the mo­ment, and I love play­ing it! Don’t jump on the hate train! R3troDaD He’s talk­ing about Fall­out76, in case you couldn’t tell.

I’m 70 hours deep into AC:Odyssey. It’s only held back from true great­ness (for me) due to its con­nec­tion with the larger AC fran­chise. Ed­uardo Valdes We take it you’re no fan of over­wrought sci-fi non­sense about an an­cient pre­cur­sor race send­ing mes­sages into the fu­ture?

Sur­viv­ing Mars. It scratches that sci-fi and city-build­ing itch, and I just like the look of those tiny drones! Mis­terSnicker Doo­dles If hu­man­ity ever does col­o­nize Mars, know that we will have done it for the cute drones.

Ce­leste is so fuck­ing good! An­drew Shutelov We ap­pre­ci­ate brevity in a re­view.

Just fin­ished Throne­breaker. Truly an awe­some game. Sad so many peo­ple are gonna miss it be­cause they be­lieve it’s just Gwent… it’s much more than that! Fe­lipe Perez Roa Yeah, reg­u­lar Gwent doesn’t frame an ab­stract card bat­tle as a drink­ing con­test with a dwarf.

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