The most fear­some mon­sters in the Baldur’s Gate se­ries


1 De­mogor­gon

A le­gendary mon­ster, and ar­guably the most chal­leng­ing boss in the Baldur’sGate se­ries. You’ll find this beast in the Throne ofBhaal ex­pan­sion, and to slay it you’ll need to make use of your party’s en­tire range of abil­i­ties. Be­fore the bat­tle you can have a thief lay traps, while mages can cast spells to weaken it. Even then, you are in for a gru­el­ing, al­most im­pos­si­ble, bat­tle.

2 Firkraag

A pow­er­ful dragon. If you rolled a pal­adin, one of your fi­nal du­ties is slay­ing him to re­trieve the Holy Avenger, a le­gendary sword. Firkraag will cast Re­move Magic on the party, re­mov­ing ev­ery­one’s buffs. To make your life a lit­tle eas­ier make sure you have a cleric who can cast Pro­tec­tion From Fire on the group, and cast Stone­skin and Mir­ror Im­age on your best tank.

3 Lich

En­coun­ter­ing one of these un­dead magic users is enough to make even a hard­ened ad­ven­turer de­file their pan­taloons. They’re im­mune to non-magic weapons and have a range of nasty spells at their dis­posal. They’ll cast Stone­skin and Spell Trap on them­selves, mak­ing them al­most in­vin­ci­ble, but a few well-placed Ar­rows of Dis­pelling can weaken their de­fenses a lit­tle.

4B eholder

One of the most feared mon­sters in D&D. It can cast dev­as­tat­ing spells, in­clud­ing turn­ing you to stone, slow­ing you, and dom­i­nat­ing your mind. To take one down you need to make am­ple use of buffs such as Spell Shield and Haste. You can also tem­po­rar­ily pre­vent it from cast­ing spells, or use the Shield of Bal­du­ran to block its magic. Be­hold­ers are al­ways a chal­lenge, and a to­tal night­mare, to fight.

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